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Our single mission: connect leaders with resources

enabling corporate, professional and personal growth


Content marketing drives results.  We drive video, pods and written content with emotional engagement.

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Watch. Listen. Read.  Only interviews with practicing professionals. Only curated topics important to you. 

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Join a personal board of advisors.

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Communities -- Digital Twins

ConnectPress has been building communities since 1991.  Current communities in development: Digital Twin Community, Infrastructure Digital Twins, Construction Digital Twins, Manufacturing Digital Twins. Find our more here.

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Invigorate your strategic team with an expert outside audit or use our team for new product/service positioning.  

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The best Coaching develops leaders through a mix of personal and functional growth. 

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300M+ e-mails. 4M+ books. 400+ webinars and keynotes. 1.5M +subscribers. 200K+ targeted leads. 

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Our team has deep roots in tech, bio, infrastructure, leadership, publishing, B2B marketing and more. 

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What happened to my favorite CAD/PLM community? Can you still help with ads, leads and e-blasts?

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