• C-level one-on-one management and personal growth coaching
  • Progressive product/marketing team group work

Independent of ConnectPress, Dan Raker, CP’s founder, responded to calls for one-on-one and small group business coaching beginning in 1996.  In more recent years this work moved under the ConnectPress umbrella as it grew to take advantage of wealth of experience in management, leadership and marketing accumulated in the various ConnectPress (and predecessor) companies.

Today Dan leads the coaching activity working with a select group of individuals and groups.

C-suite and executive coaching

Assignments with individual executives typically run 12 - 24 months to bridge a gap between a personal blind spot and a business need.  Dan likes to think of this as the 'killing two birds with one stone" approach.

In a recent program, for example, the CEO was great at closing new business when directly engaged with prospects, but the CEO shied away from sourcing and getting in front of those prospects. The company had limited direct selling as the CEO was 'uncomfortable' with that. The coaching activity used development of a sales lead pipeline and a direct sales force as a learning tool for CEO personal growth as well as sales growth.

Sometimes coaching programs extend beyond the initial assignment in one of two ways.  Often the executive joins a ConnectPress Circle of Leadership to continue growing in a confidential, supportive team approach.  In some cases, one-on-one mentorships extend into an advisory board or board of directors engagement.

Team coaching

Assignments with teams are limited to product and marketing groups and typically span a range from one-off workshops to longer engagements.  One-offs fall into two categories: a) working with the team to enhance progressive teamwork or b) brainstorming sessions.  Sometimes brainstorming sessions evolve into market positioning assignments.

Coaching starts with a discussion

Send Dan an e-mail to schedule time to talk.

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