Market Positioning

Advanced strategic expansion for new and renewed projects

What is Market Positioning?  

It is not enough to have great products or services if they are not acutely tuned to user needs by providing needed solutions. The ConnectPress team expertly highlights value from a customer perspective and then creates customer engagement with the product or service to create demand.

Give me an example...

Autodesk was formed in 1982. By 1983 Dan Raker’s team was working with the AutoCAD founders to bring the new desktop CAD technology out of development and eventually into the hands of millions of users.  But this required radical rethinking of how computer-aided-design had here-to-fore been delivered.

Instead of CAD vendors hand-holding $100,000 per-seat costs, we developed pricing, partnering and delivery strategies to make $1000 software run on PCs.  This initial market positioning work launched Autodesk, but also launched myriad value-added opportunities like resellers, independent training (like one of ConnectPress’ predecessors, The MicroCAD Institute) and publishing – like ConnectPress.

Are there others?

Sure, many. 

Like when a software vendor who had used ConnectPress promotion to launch several update editions, came to us lamenting that, "this time we are not seeing good uptake of the upgrade. Do we need to do more promotion?"  We started by challenging the marketing team with a starter question, "Have you asked customers if they wanted the new edition?" This led to customer surveys and discussion about what new features were important to users. It turned out features important to the user were different from what the vendor expected, so the upgrade pitch was falling flat. 

Or the time a client built a few tools linking disparate factory floor machines by tapping emerging intelligent controllers to get them talking to one another.  But the solution was not scalable as each user had different configuration needs.  ConnectPress help the vendor see the ancillary value in what they had developed -- essentially an operating system for the factory floor. We helped position this as a solution with flexibility for wider use. 

Sometimes the gold is in shifting from asset management to portfolio management -- we did that three times,  twice in software and once in real estate holdings.  Market positioning often involves portfolio balancing or a shift from CapEx to OpEx. 

Often the work is creating engagement between solution and customer through different channels:  books, influencers, focus groups, targeted lead sourcing, private e-newsletters...

Market Positioning starts with a deep dive...

The same team that worked on the Autodesk launch nearly 40 years ago continues to deliver progressive market positioning and execution today.  Unlocking ancillary value, packaging products and services, building channels, leveraging app and partnership opportunities – use these resources for one-off brainstorming sessions or full product and service re/launch strategies.

... and continues with a plan...

Contact us, tell us what you are trying to do.

... ends with a re/launch and initial yield.

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